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2018 A Spooky Contest Winner – “Coffee Shop Prophet” by Ellen Ricks

Allow us to introduce the first place winner!

Ellen Ricks is a part-time witch and a full-time poet currently haunting Upstate New York. She has a BFA in Creative Writing from SUNY Potsdam and has been published in Tiny Flames, Argot Magazine and Gods and Radicals. Ellen enjoys terrible puns and pumpkin spiced brews. 

Find more about Ellen Ricks at her website, Twitter, or Instagram.


Coffee Shop Prophet  

Titan goddess of prophet and intellect.  

Barista by trade.  

Delighting customers with magic beans.  

Brews of starlight and pumpkin spice premonitions. 

Witchcraft with every sip.  


Your vibes set off my percolators.  

Voice rich as a caramel macchiato 

Dark roast eyes summoning me.  

Hello, my Americano 

Might I interest you in our soothsayer signature blend?  


Lipstick prints on white rims.  

Loves notes in spilled sugar.  

Slow drip and steaming hot  

Saw your future at the bottom of a coffee cup.  

The grounds spelt disaster.  


What more can be done?  

From fates or flavors  

Prophecies are written in the cosmos.  

Ask Destiny to pour us another cup 


Xaneria Ann

Founder and lead publisher of Dreaming Rabbit Press. Author and Artist. Caffeine obsessed, bunny loving, elf fanatic.

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