A Spooky Contest – Winners!

Our team at Dreaming Rabbit Press apologizes for the very late post. Due to technical and medical difficulties for our two-man team, we are late for this post. Because of these issues, publication of these winner’s works will be posted tomorrow evening.


Our Spooky Contest has come to an end! We would like to announce the winners, keeping in mind we had no Art Submissions.

Prizes will be sent out during the first two weeks of November, after proper communication with the creators.

1st Place –  “Coffee Shop Prophet” by Ellen Ricks

  • $25
  • Your work published on our site
  • A free personalized creepy postcard
  • A $5 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Place –  “Taking a Stroll through Hell” by Christopher Galvin

  • $15
  • Your work published on our site
  • A $5 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Place – Awaken, Pumpkin Patch” by Katherine Brown

  • $5
  • Your work published on our site
  • $5 Amazon Gift Card

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