We are very thankful for everyone’s patience as we are slowly building up our community and our website.

Author Queries: CLOSED

Anthologies Accepting Submissions

Anthology Submissions:

Please see the individual pages for our Anthology submissions.

  • Each anthology has a specific theme that must be met.
  • Each anthology has a specific word count minimum and maximum.
  • Pay rates per anthology may vary.

Unsolicited Authors:

Dreaming Rabbit Press accept novels, novellas, comics, poetry, and hybrid works. We accept only from unrepresented creators.

  • Our primary focus is on fantasy, horror, and science-fiction and combination subgenres.
  • We have a wall against the acceptance of non-fiction, memoirs, chic-lit, romance, westerns, and mystery or crime noirs.

All author queries should go through our query form. Rather than making authors go through the stressful process of query letters and submissions, we at DRP have created a simple questionnaire for you to fill out. The information you provide in this form will better help us evaluate your proposed manuscript and expedite the process further, assisting us in returning a verdict in a prompt and timely fashion.

We ask that authors submit no more than 3 chapters of their manuscript and a 1-2 page synopsis in their queries. We have a dedicated page explain formatting your submissions.




For all standalone works, this means works not included in Anthologies, we ask that a 1-2 page synopsis is submitted along with the manuscript sample. Keep in mind, your synopsis is your flag, it is your attention getter. You are the princess in the tower. Don’t let our editor miss you as she flies off into the sunset.

  • Use third-person, regardless of story point of view.
  • Clearly identify Main Characters via ALL CAPS names during the first mention.
  • Clear and precise plot points.
  • Do not outline each chapter.
  • Spoil the ending without a narrative arc. Show us the story, the characters, the problem, and the resolution, but keep it clean and free of emotions.

You can achieve this in one of two ways. You will find examples of both below.

  1. The Outline.
  2. The Narrative.


The Manuscript

Dreaming Rabbit Press hates Courier/ Courier New. We loathe it. We will shove it into a den of dragons and watch the fonts burn to ashes. And yes, we have a dragon on site.

Now that we’ve established that you should NEVER use these two fonts, we at DRP have a love for Times New Roman. This is the safest serif font for our editor.

  • 12 point font.
  • Times New Roman.
  • 1.5 – 2 point line spacing.
  • No Cover letter or Title Page.
  • *** or ### to represent a change of scenes within a chapter.
  • Page breaks per chapter.
  • Submit in RTF or .DOC/.DOCX format only.

We will include a sample below, just for a visual.