Dreaming Rabbit Press is at it again!

Starting January 15th, 2018 until March 15th, 2018 we are opening up submissions for our second upcoming anthology, Petals and Blades.

Swords raised, dragons abound, and samurais pressing the offensive line, heartache is bound to happen. Dreaming Rabbit Press welcomes you to submit your most heartwrenching short stories to our May anthology, Petals and Blades.

The deadline for this anthology will be March 15th, 2018 at midnight EST. This submission is open to authors of all ages. Children under the age of 16 must provide documentation of adult consent.

Our staff wants to be in tears by the end of your story. We’ve stocked our shelves with tissues, padded all our furniture, and gathered our snuggling blankets up for an emotional rollercoaster. We want you to bring to us the most powerful stories you have in the fantasy genre.

Not a writer? Give us your best piece of artwork, photography, and poetry. We accept them all!

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • This does NOT have to include romance.
  • The story MUST be a fantasy story.
  • There must be swords and flowers included in the fabric of the plot.
  • Absolutely NO fan fiction.
  • No plagiarized works. We will check.
  • No 18+ content. No Erotica. No excessive gore.
  • No pornography.

Word Count: 1500 minimum – 5000 maximum. Poetry is open line count.

Stories: Limited to 1 piece per submission.

Poetry: Limited to 2 pieces per submission.

Artwork: Limited to 1 piece per submission. Maximum of 5 total submissions will be accepted.

Photography: Limited to 1 piece per submission. Maximum of 5 total submissions will be accepted.


Payment Information:

Each submission will be paid.

Stories:$15 per story.

Poetry: $5 per accepted submission.

Artwork: $25 per accepted submission.

Photography: $25 per accepted submission.


Accepted Contributors will also receive 1 free physical copy and 1 free digital copy in the format of their choice. (.epub .mobi .pdf).

All payments will be made through PayPal only.


To submit, fill in our submissions form. Be sure to fill out all the information in order to get a fair review.