What genres can an author submit?

Is Erotica accepted?

Is Fanfiction and Fanart accepted?

Do you accept agent submissions?

Do authors receive royalties and how are they paid?

Is there an advance for authors?

Do authors sign a contract for themselves or just their book?

I do not have a completed manuscript. Can I still submit?

Short Stories

Are short stories outside of anthologies allowed for submissions?

What are the word count limitations for short stories?

Submissions Rules

What are the word count guidelines for Novels, Novellas, and Novelettes?

Do you accept Comics and Graphic Novels?

I have LGBT/POC main characters. Will I be asked to change these characters?

Do you charge fees for submissions?

Are picture books accepted?

Do you accept serial submissions?

Do you accept series submissions?

What services do you provide?


Can previously published works be submitted?

Rights and Publishing

Will I still own rights to my book?

Will my works be sold on international markets?

Where will my works be sold?

What formats are books published in?

How long does it take to publish a book?

Anthology Specifics

Do contributors get paid royalties?

Do submissions have to relate to the themes?

Can I withdraw my submission?

Deadlines and Extensions

Can I still submit to an Anthology after the deadline but before the pre-orders?

Can you request extensions on deadlines?

What happens if I do not meet a deadline?

Art and Photography

What file formats are accepted?

What are the photography guidelines?

Can Photographs be submitted for cover art?

What mediums do you accept for artwork?

Are there file size and dimension requirements?

I am an illustrator or comic artist, how do I submit?

How are cover artists paid?

Are stock manipulated digital art acceptable for covers?

How do I submit cover art or photographs for consideration?


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