Graphic Novel Submissions are: OPEN

Do you have a fully finished graphic novel that you would like to see published? That’s great! We want to see it.

  • Only unrepresented authors/artists are accepted.
  • Genres must be Fantasy, Science Fiction, or Horror with any variety of subgenres.
  • Absolutely no Doujinshi, fanfic comics at all.

We ask that you submit a 1-2 page synopsis, 2 completed chapters, and the storyboard for the following 2 chapters for consideration. This is 4 chapters in total. If the story is a Oneshot, single edition comic, please consider submitting to our Anthologies.

If you have any questions, please read our FAQ.


  • 20 pages minimum per chapter.
  • 35 pages maximum per chcapter.
  • Must be complete with text.
  • RGB or Grayscale.
  • Native TIFF or High-Quality JPEG, PNG files.
  • 300 DPI
  • Images must be in 4:3 or 2:3 ratio.
  • Bleed should be o.5.
  • Reads left to right.
  • Flips right to left.


The Synopsis:

For all standalone works, we ask that a 1-2 page synopsis is submitted along with the manuscript sample. Keep in mind, your synopsis is your flag, it is your attention getter. You are the princess in the tower. Don’t let our editor miss you as she flies off into the sunset.

  • Use third-person, regardless of story point of view.
  • Clearly identify Main Characters via ALL CAPS names during the first mention.
  • Clear and precise plot points.
  • Do not outline each chapter.
  • Spoil the ending without a narrative arc. Show us the story, the characters, the problem, and the resolution, but keep it clean and free of emotions.

To Submit:

Send an email to with the subject line of <Comic Query> <Title>.

In the body of the email, please include:

  • Your Full Legal Name
  • Your PenName if Used
  • Your Professional Website or Social Media Link

DO NOT place your comic in the body of the email. Comics MUST be an attachment.

If you are missing any of the above-mentioned information or parts, your submission will be ignored.