Hello, From the DRP team!

Dreaming Rabbit Press is here!

We don’t want to repeat ourselves a lot here and go off on a tangent about who we are and what we do, but we would like to take a moment and hone in on our purpose.

Dreaming Rabbit Press is a small publishing company with the intention to bring thrilling and emotional pieces of diverse fiction to readers. Our favorite genres are Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy. We love sub-genres and combo genres like Horror-Romance, Fantasy-Romance, and High Fantasy.

When we speak of diversity, we mean it. There are a great many publishing companies that take on a piece of work because the story is great, but our goal at DRP is to take on not only great pieces of fiction but works that speak to a larger audience. For us, this means main characters of color, varying religious identities, and sexual orientations. We support diversity and representation in written and artistic media to the fullest.

Our company is run by a small bundle of imaginative authors with absolutely silly personalities – which we hope to introduce to you soon. While we are excited to be taking off in 2018, we will be careful with the authors and the works we accept.

While we begin on this journey, we hope that you will join us and support us.

Xaneria Ann

Founder and lead publisher of Dreaming Rabbit Press. Author and Artist. Caffeine obsessed, bunny loving, elf fanatic.

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