Welcome to our publishing process! Thank you for being interested.

Our goal is to create beautiful works to share with others without leaving the original creator out of the process. Here, details our process from submission to acceptance and publication.


Follow this link to our Submissions and Formatting Guidelines. Once your manuscript has been formatted and submitted via our detailed guidelines, our submission team will begin to review it. We pull it from the email and present it on a discussion forum for our review team.

We recommend that you get your manuscript reviewed by a Beta Reader prior to submission.

Peer Review

Each team member reviews the submitted work. We put our individual comments on a team forum and discuss the project. If we find potential in the project, we will reach out to the Author with comments and questions of our own.


If the Author and the Review team are in agreement, we move to sign the Author Agreement.


Once the Author Agreement has been signed, the Author will work through emails to communicate with our editors and publishing team in order to polish the work.

We want to keep the Author involved in their project. During the polishing, formatting, and design work, the Author will receive updates and suggestions.


When the work is ready, finalized design and formatting will be processed. The Author will receive a digital copy and proof copy of the work.


Your book will be placed online for Pre-Orders with a finalized date for release. Print Copies will be ordered and ARC (Advance Reader Copies) will be sent for reviews.

Marketing packages for the Author’s work will be provided to the Author and various other sources for marketing.

After Publication

Dreaming Rabbit Press will promote your book for the first six months on a strict schedule. At this time, it is best that the Author also markets via blogs, website, social media, and conventions. After the first six months, marketing will be lessened to intermittent social media and blog posts, and advertisements on our website.

Books will be sold at conventions and on our stores for the terms of the Agreement.

The Agreement may be extended in the last 3 months of the Agreement term.


Our goal is to have a work published within 6 months of the Agreement is signed, but we allow up to 1 year in the event that issues arise.