In the quest for some form of creative perfection, we often become our own harshest critic. This cycle of nit-picking and self-doubt can lead many writers to miss important and often developmentally sound details and lead them to settle for less than top-quality final manuscripts. In truth, we are all capable and talented authors. Just because we can exclusively self-edit, doesn’t mean we should. In any creative venture, it’s of paramount importance to garner multiple sets of eyes and receive an abundance of feedback from a variety of perspectives prior to polishing, finalizing, and marketing the product.

The Dreaming Rabbit Press team currently accepts manuscripts in the genres of fantasy, science-fiction, romance, and horror. We only accept English manuscripts–this includes those in American English and British

English. Below is a list of our services offered and price points. We offer a variety of services and packages at affordable rates.  Please, feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions or wish to discuss a payment plan option.

For a limited time, we offer a free trial for each service to demonstrate to authors the quality and nature of each service offered and can become acquainted with our Senior staff.
Upon the official request for services, a 50% down payment will be required before we accept your full manuscript and send out a formal contract for you to sign. Once a signature is received, we will begin our work and set a tentative deadline for completion. The remaining balance will be due prior to receiving the finalized copy of the manuscript with edits. Financing is available for 3-6 months worth of payments.

Please be aware, all documents submitted must follow the proper formatting guidelines. This makes editing simpler and streamlines the process.

  • Font: Times New Roman, 12-Point
  • Margins: 1”
  • Spacing: 1.5 Lines
  • Doc, Docx

All costs are calculated based on an average of 250 words per page. A 50k manuscript will be priced as if it were 200 pages.

30-Minute Creative Development Discussion – $75

Do you have an idea, but find yourself lacking a direction or game plan for your Work-in-Progress?

Whether you have a few pages written or are stuck in the idea phase, reach out to us. Our dedicated team of professional developmental editors is ready and waiting to help.

A 30-Minute Creative Development Discussion may include:

  • Detailed character building
  • Conflict development and resolution
  • Identification of existing tropes and suggestions for eliminating
  • Creative Coaching
  • Q & A

We aim to successfully answer any questions, address any concerns/ fears, and seek to provide clarity to any sources of confusion.

We’ll set up an agreeable date & time (always in EST) for a text chat or voice call. We are available via Discord, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or by phone.

In preparation for the 30-Minute Developmental Discussion, you may send:

  • Background Information
  • Character Profiles (Limit: 3)
  • Synopsis or Summary up to 5 pages in length
  • Samples of the Work-In-Progress

*Each additional 10 minutes is $5


Blurb Refinement – $35

Bring us up to 3 pages of summary from your book and we will help you refine and polish your general overview into a concise, attention-grabbing sales pitch for your latest novel.

Summaries should include:

  • Central Characters (protagonist & antagonist at a minimum)
  • Character Motivation and Goals
  • Call to Action
  • Conflict
  • Resolution (for our reference only)
  • What you’re trying to accomplish

Be prepared for additional questions. Though they may not always be necessary, our team may reach out to you for additional information if the provided summary doesn’t offer the requested details or they require clarity on certain character traits or events. Team member comprehension is critical to their ability to generate a perfected blurb.


Synopsis Revision/Generation – $150

A synopsis is essentially a condensed version of your book, which includes the conclusion. The tone of the work should be evident in the synopsis. The sole goal is to capture the attention of potential publishers.

In order to ensure a thorough understanding of your story, our team will begin the process with a 20-question review, where we perform an initial analysis to identify any obvious issues (i.e. plot holes, wordiness, unnecessary information) and to ensure retention of key details to be used in the final synopsis.

Up to 3 revisions (post-review) will be offered Submitted material may be no longer than 20 pages. (Any additional material will be subject to charges of up to $5 per page.)

Upon completion, you should anticipate a  10-20-page, concise synopsis and a 1-2-page, abridged submittable synopsis (for electronic submissions).


Beta Read – $1.50 per page up to 100 pages/ $1.00 per page above 100 pages

These in-depth beta reports offer a careful analysis of your book from the perspective of a reader. Our readers strive to provide honest, constructive “big picture” feedback. We will pair you with a reader, or readers*, upon your request, who is a devoted fan in at least one or more of your genres. We provide customized service based upon your book’s target audience and prominent themes/topics.

*The above price reflects an individually priced rate.

A Standard Beta Reader Report may include:

  • Chapter-by-Chapter Commentary
  • Is your story enjoyable? Why or why not?
  • Did your character’s (protagonist and antagonist) register as relatable? Who was the favorite? Who was the least favorite?
  • Identifying pain points, where there is room for improvement or where you may need to add greater clarity to strengthen reader comprehension
  • Explanation of how the writing impacted the reader emotionally

Our readers offer the opportunity for a set number of timed sessions, where you may follow up on any topics or commentary covered in the Beta Report you receive. (Unless otherwise stated, we request you follow-up with your assigned reader(s) within a week’s time. As we wish to facilitate top-quality interactions between you and your designated Beta Reader, it is important for you to follow up in a timely manner so the story remains fresh in the reader’s mind and the information is easily accessible in their memory bank for them to best provide answers, suggestions, and constructive feedback in response to any concerns you may wish to address.)

Instant Message Discussion: Feel free to reach out to your assigned beta reader and ask questions or discuss any concerns. Our readers will do their best to assist you. If for any reason they cannot meet your needs, they’ll refer you to one of our dedicated professionals, who will help you work through the difficulties you might be encountering.


Sensitivity Read – $2.00 per page up to 100 pages/ $1.50 per page above 100 pages

This specialized report targets stories dedicated to diversity. When writing outside your realm of experience or expertise, it is critical to fact-check and ensures the representations presented within those pages are free from bias.

Our Sensitivity Reader Reports may include:

  • Edits for clarity and logic
  • Pinpoint internalized bias
  • Identify negatively charged language
  • Assist in the correction process
Sensitivity Readers are available in the areas of LGBTQ Dynamics, Mental and Physical Illness, Pregnancy and Family Dynamics, Substance Abuse, Bullying, Physical or Mental Abuse, Non-Monogamous Relationships, Death, Suicide, and Rape.


CopyEditing – $2.00 per page up to 100 pages/ $1.50 per page above 100 pages

For final draft manuscripts only!

Our Senior Editing team promises to polish your manuscript to achieve a final, ready-to-publish story, no matter the length.

With keen attention to detail, one of our Senior Editors will go through your manuscript with a fine-toothed comb in search of mechanical (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) and grammatical errors (subject-verb agreement, sentence fragments, vague pronouns, word usage). Critique – $3.00 per page

These highly detailed reports offer a comprehensive review of your book from the perspective of a literary professional. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to delving into each manuscript and providing objective feedback of all the crucial elements of storytelling elements.

A standard Critique Report may include:

  • In-Depth Analysis & Thoughtful Suggestions:
    • Identify the Mood and Atmosphere
      • Analysis of Word Choice
      • Promotion and Achievement of Desired Mood/Atmosphere
    • Inspection for Consistency
  • Identify Strengths (including, but not limited to):
    • Identify Vivid Imagery
    • Effective Language
    • Note Compelling Scenes and Character Development
    • Solid Suggestions for Improvement (No Vagueness)
    • Provide Uplifting Discussion
  • Identify Weaknesses (including, but not limited to):
    • Plot Holes
    • Poor/Inconsistent Character Development
    • Passive Voice
    • Cliches and Tropes
    • Loose Ends

*Copy Edits will be included!


Package Deals

  • Add-on 30-Minute Creative Development Discussion to any other service for just $45.
  • Add-on Blurb Refinement to any service for just $20.
  • Add-on Synopsis Revisions to any service for just $100.
  • Copy Editing and Sensitivity Read Package – $3.50 per page.
  • Critique and Sensitivity Read Package – $3.50 per page.

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Everything that I expected but in great detail…

5.0 rating

I submitted a chapter of my work in progress for beta reading, so that I could determine if the story was good, and where I might want to go from there. I also asked three questions above and beyond the normal beta read. I expected a few corrections, some thoughts on what I had written, brief answers to my questions, and an analysis of the chapter itself.
I received everything that I expected but in great detail. I knew what aspects of the chapter worked, and where I needed to put in some work on what I had written. Beyond that, though, I received so much more. I had a list of questions that the reader thought should be answered in the upcoming chapters. Some of the questions I was prepared to answer, some I had to think about. As an author, it is easy to get tunnel vision when you are writing. You know where you want the story to go, and you move along a linear path to get there. But, since the reader does not know where you are going, sometimes you leave them with questions, and I had a list of things to answer that added depth and volume to the story. The reader also pointed out some things that I could research to add credibility to my writing.
The analysis of my chapter definitely exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend their beta reading service to anyone who wants to publish a well-polished story.

Joseph Lutes