Art Information

You are an artist, a photographer, and you have a beautiful piece of work you want to offer as cover art. Maybe you are just looking for a job and want to offer your services?

We are happy to accept submissions for cover art and artist queries! Art is another medium of creativity that we love with every fiber of our being. So, if you are interested, here are a few bits of information that is important when making submissions and queries for cover work, or just general art submissions.

:bulletblue: At this moment, we only take general art submissions for our anthologies.
:bulletblue: We hire artists as independent contractors. Contracts are signed per single job.
:bulletblue: We do not pay by the hour at this time.
:bulletblue: We pay a flat rate of $150 USD plus six months of 5% royalties for our Anthology covers.
:bulletblue: We pay a flat rate of $300 USD plus up to one year of 5% royalties for our Novel covers.
:bulletblue: We pay $15 per page for black and white and $20 for color plus 5% royalties for the life of the contract.
:bulletblue: Comic Artists with completed comics should submit via our Author Queries.
:bulletblue: Comic Artists and Illustrators looking to work with a writer should contact us.
:bulletblue: All creators are required to sign a legally binding contract.

All information is subject to change as we grow and progress. If you find the financial numbers provided to be too small for your personal talents, we understand this. However, we are firm in our budget because we are a very small start-up working to build up-and-coming creators. Please do not contact us with your own quotes. We will not be considering changing our financial budget at this time.

For Visual Media included in Anthologies:

Visual Media for 1 page should be 1400 pixels wide by 2100 pixels high.

Visual Media for 2 pages should be 2900 pixels wide by 2100 pixels high.

All files should be 300 DPI and RBG.

Visual Media for Print Books:

Visual Media for Print Books will vary in size depending on the book sizes.

Standard 1 page image should be 1600 pixels wide x 2500 pixels high.

Standard 2 page image should be 3400 pixels wide x 2500 pixels high.

All files should be 300 DPI and RGB or CMYK.

Book Covers and Varying sized books will be presented on a case by case bases.

Further Information:

  • We will not accept media produced using 3D rendering programs, stock manipulation, or model viewer manipulations.
  • Photography manipulations must be personal photography only. No stock or purchased pieces.
  • Photographs that include a person must be accompanied by a Model Release form.
  • Traditional and Digital Art is welcome, as long as you are the sole owner. Commissioned pieces from another artist may not be submitted.
  • Fan Art cannot be submitted for publication but may be considered on a case by case basis IF the Fan Art:
    • Is of a Dreaming Rabbit Press published piece
    • Fits the theme

For more information please see our FAQ or Contact Us.